Download A First Course in the Finite Analysis Method bookE book Title : A First Course in the Finite Analysis Method
Author(s)  : Daryl L. Logan
Writer   : Thomson
Version      : Fourth
Pages        : 836
PDF Dimension    : 11.8 Mb

E book Description:
A FIRST COURSE IN THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD e book by creator Daryl L. Logan gives a easy, primary strategy to the course materials that may be understood by each undergraduate and graduate college students with out the ordinary conditions. The e book is written primarily as a primary studying instrument for the undergraduate scholar in civil and mechanical engineering whose principal curiosity is in stress evaluation and warmth switch. This book is geared in the direction of those that wish to apply the finite aspect technique as a instrument to resolve sensible bodily issues.

Desk of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Introduction To The Stiffness (Displacement) Method
3. Growth Of Truss Equations
4. Growth Of Beam Equations
5. Body And Grid Equations
6. Growth Of The Aircraft Stress And Pressure Stiffness Equations 7. Sensible Issues In Modeling: Decoding Outcomes And Examples Of Aircraft Stress/Pressure Analysis
8. Growth Of The Linear-Pressure Triangle Equations
9. Axisymmetric Parts
10. Isoparametric Formulation
11. Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis
12. Plate Bending Factor
13. Warmth Switch And Mass Transport
14. Fluid Stream In Porous Media And Via Hydraulic Networks
15. Thermal Stress
16. Structural Dynamics And Time-Dependent Warmth Switch
Appendix A: Matrix Algebra
Appendix B: Strategies For Answer Of Simultaneous Linear Equations
Appendix C: Equations For Elasticity Principle
Appendix D: Equal Nodal Forces
Appendix E: Precept Of Digital Work
Appendix F: Properties Of Structural Metal And Aluminum Shapes Solutions To Chosen Issues




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