AQA A Level Chemistry Student Book 2 by McFartand, Quigg, Henry

Title : AQA A Level Chemistry Student Book 
Editor : Alyn G. McFarland, Tereasa Quigg, Nora Henry
Edition : 2nd
Publisher :Hodder Education
Length : 336 pages
Size : 99 MB
Book Contents:
Thermodynamics: Born-Haber cycles
Thermodynamics: Gibbs free energy change,
∆G, and entropy change, ∆S
Rate equations
Equilibrium constant Kp for homogeneous
Electrode po1tentials and cells
A1cids and bases
Properties of Period 3 elements and
their oxides
Transition metals
Transition metals: Variable oxidation states
Optical isomerism
The carbonyl group
Aromatic chemistry
P1olymers, amino acids and DNA
Organic synthesis, NMR spectroscopy and chromatography
Organic analysis
Maths for chemistry


AQA A-level Year 2 Chemistry Student Guide

Author(s): Henry, Nora;McFarland, Alyn G

Publisher: Hodder Education Group, Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781471858635


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