Book Name: Brink of Treason by Sirah Ahtir
Author: Sirah Ahtir
Category: A Special Books
Language: English
Format: PDF
Free Download: Available

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Brink of Treason by Sirah Ahtir pdf

Book Description:

Saira, an Irent soldier, lives for nothing but an opportunity to serve the throne of her motherland. But there comes a situation where the decision of the royalty will lead to destruction. She finally gets a chance to choose. Will she let the country cherish, stopping the happenings, or let it perish, standing by the throne.

Hazel, an explorer, traveling worldwide, wants to stop in Irentus but in vain. When fate fulfills her wish, it gives her hundreds of acceptable yet deadly reasons. Either stay and die or leave and lose: What will be her choice if both have her life hanging?


Download Brink of Treason by Sirah Ahtir PDF


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