Ebook Title : Classical Mechanics
Author(s)  : Goldstein Poole Safko
Writer   : Addison Wesley
Version    : Third Version
Pages       : 636
PDF Dimension  : 199 Mb

Ebook Description:
Classical Mechanics e-book by Goldstein Poole Safko has been the acknowledged customary in superior classical mechanics programs. This eBook allows readers to make connections between classical and fashionable physics an extremely obligatory a part of a physicist’s schooling.

Desk of Contents:
1) Survey of the Elementary Rules.
2) Variational Rules and Lagrange’s equations.
3) The Central Drive Downside.
4) The Kinematics of Inflexible Physique Movement.
5) The Inflexible Physique Equations of Movement.
6) Oscillations.
7) Classical Mechanics of the Particular Concept of Relativity.
8) The Hamiltonian Equations of Movement.
9) Canonical Transformations.
10) Hamilton-Jacobi Concept and Motion Angle Variables.
11) Classical Chaos.
12) Canonical Perturbation Concept.
13) Introduction to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Formulations for Steady Methods and Fields.
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