Computational Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structures PDF

Computational Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structures Book PDF


“There are no exact answers. Just bad ones, good ones and better ones. Engineering is the

art of approximation.” Approximation is performed with models. We consider a reality of

interest, e.g., a concrete beam. In a first view, it has properties such as dimensions, color,

surface texture. From a view of structural analysis the latter ones are irrelevant. A more

detailed inspection reveals a lot of more properties: composition, weight, strength, stiffness,

temperatures, conductivities, capacities, and so on. From a structural point of view some

of them are essential. We combine those essential properties to form a conceptual model.

Whether a property is essential is obvious for some, but the valuation of others might be

doubtful. We have to choose. By choosing properties our model becomes approximate

compared to reality. Approximations are more or less accurate.


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