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Computers and Structures Steel Frame Design Manual Structural and Earthquake Engineering Software


This system has the flexibility to verify adequacy of a piece (form) in accordance with the necessities of the chosen design code. Additionally this system can mechanically select (i.e., design) the optimum (i.e., least weight) sections from a predefined listing that satisfies the design necessities. To verify adequacy of a piece, this system checks the demand/capability (“D/C”) ratios at a predefined variety of stations for every design load mixture. It calculates the envelope of the D/C ratios. It additionally checks the opposite necessities on a cross or fail foundation.

If the capability ratio stays lower than or equal to the D/C ratio restrict, which is a quantity near 1.0, and if the part passes the entire particular necessities, the part is taken into account to be enough, else the part is taken into account to be failed. The D/C ratio restrict is taken as 0.95 by default. Nonetheless, this worth might be overwritten within the Preferences (Chapter 3). To decide on (design) the non-compulsory part from a predefined listing, this system first orders the listing of sections in growing order of weight per unit size. Then it begins checking every part from the ordered listing, beginning with the one with least weight.


The process for checking every part on this listing for adequacy is strictly the identical as described within the previous paragraph. This system will consider every part within the listing till it finds the least weight part that passes the code checks. If no part within the listing is suitable, this system will use the heaviest part however flag it as being overstressed. To verify adequacy of a person part, the person should assign the part utilizing the Assign menu. In that case, each the evaluation and design part might be modified. To decide on the optimum part, the person should first outline an inventory of metal sections, the Auto Choose sections listing.

The person should subsequent assign this listing, in the identical method as every other part task, to the body members to be optimized. This system will use the median part by weight when doing the preliminary evaluation. Confer with this system Assist for extra details about Auto Choose part lists. Evaluation sections are these part properties used to investigate the mannequin when the evaluation is run. The design part is no matter part is used within the metal body design. It’s attainable for the final used evaluation part and the present design part to be completely different.


For instance, an evaluation could also be run utilizing a W18X35 beam, and then within the design, it could be discovered {that a} W16X31 beam labored. In that case, the final used evaluation part is the W18X35 and the present design part is the W16X31. Earlier than the design course of is full, confirm that the final used evaluation part and the present design part are the identical. Confer with this system Assist for extra details about finishing this process. For every design mixture, metal body members (beams, columns, and braces) are designed (optimized) or checked at numerous areas (stations) alongside the size of the item.

The stations are situated at equally spaced segments alongside the clear size of the item. By default, at the least three stations might be situated in a column or brace member, and the stations in a beam might be spaced at most 0.5 meter aside (2 toes if the mannequin has been created in US items). The person can overwrite the variety of stations in an object earlier than the evaluation is made utilizing the Assign menu. The person can refine the design alongside the size of a member by requesting extra stations. The design load combos are the varied combos of the prescribed evaluation instances for which the construction must be checked. This system creates numerous default design load combos for metal body design.


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