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Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives by Piotr Wach


Acknowledgments of Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives by Piotr Wach:

The writer want to categorical heat gratitude to all who contributed in numerous methods in order that this Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives ebook lastly has been accomplished in its type.

Firstly, I want to categorical remembrance and pay tribute to Prof. Arkadiusz Puchała (Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow), who was my principal tutor and supervisor of my Ph.D. thesis.

Nevertheless, our contacts terminated early, when he died fairly younger in 1973. Then I want to thank warmly my colleagues from the Institute of Electromechanical Programs and Utilized Informatics, who inspired me and created favorable circumstances and good, pleasant ambiance to work and analysis:

Prof. Krystyna Macek-Kamińska – Director of the Institute, Prof. Marian Łukaniszyn – our current College Dean in addition to Prof. Jerzy Hickiewicz and Prof. Sławomir Szymaniec – companions in a number of analysis undertakings. Then I want to thank Dr. Krzysztof Tomczewski, Dr. Ryszard Beniak, Dr. Andrzej Witkowski, Dr. Krzysztof Wróbel my former Ph.D college students, work with whom gave me lots of expertise, alternate of concepts and glorious alternative to debate.

Lastly I want to thank my expensive son Szymon Wach for his excellent – I’m certain, translation of the Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives ebook into English and Mr Eugeniusz Głowienkowski for preparation of these technical drawings that weren’t produced mechanically by MAPLE™, as an consequence of laptop simulations.


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