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Ebook Title : Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Author(s)  : T. Al-Shemmeri
Writer   : Bookboon
Version      : First
ISBN         : 978-87-403-0114-4
Pages        : 140
Dimension          : 6 Mb

Ebook Description:
Fluid Mechanics is a necessary topic within the research of the behaviour of fluids in movement and relaxation. Whether or not a home maintain software such because the mains water provide, the pure gasoline provide or industrial such because the design of the physique of an automotive automobile, airplane, practice or the availability of electrical energy from a hydropower plant.

Desk of Contents:
1. Fluid Statics
1.1 Fluid Properties
1.2 Pascal’s Regulation
1.3 Fluid-Static Regulation
1.4 Stress Measurement
1.5 Centre of stress & the Meta centre
1.6 Resultant Pressure and Centre of Stress on a Curved Floor in a Static Fluid
1.7 Buoyancy
1.8 Stability of floating our bodies
1.9 Tutorial issues
2. Inside Fluid Circulate
2.1 Definitions
2.2 Conservation of Mass
2.3 Conservation of Power
2.4 Circulate Measurement
2.5 Circulate Regimes
2.6 Darcy Formulation
2.7 The Friction issue and Moody diagram
2.8 Circulate Obstruction Losses
2.9 Fluid Energy
2.10 Fluid Momentum
2.11 Tutorial Issues
3. Exterior Fluid Circulate
3.1 Regimes of Exterior Circulate
3.2 Drag Coefficient
3.3 The Boundary Layer
3.4 Labored Examples
3.5 Tutorial Issues
4. Compressible Fluid Dynamics
4.1 Compressible circulate definitions
4.2 Derivation of the Pace of sound in fluids
4.3 The Mach quantity
4.4 Compressibility Issue
4.5 Power equation for frictionless adiabatic gasoline processes
4.6 Stagnation properties of compressible circulate
4.7 Labored Examples
4.8 Tutorial Issues – Compressible Circulate
5. Hydroelectric Energy
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Kinds of hydraulic generators
5.3 Efficiency analysis of Hydraulic Generators
5.4 Pumped storage hydroelectricity
5.5 Labored Examples
5.7 Tutorial Issues
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