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E book Title : Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics
Author(s)  : Michael J.Moran, Howard N. Shapiro
Writer   : Wiley
Version      : Fifth
ISBN-13  : 9780470495902
Pages        : 847
Dimension           : 75 Mb

E book Description:
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics main textual content within the area maintains its partaking, readable type whereas presenting a broader vary of functions that encourage engineers to study the core thermodynamics ideas. Two new coauthors assist replace the fabric and combine partaking, new issues. All through the chapters, they concentrate on the relevance of thermodynamics to trendy engineering issues. Many related engineering primarily based conditions are additionally offered to assist engineers mannequin and clear up these issues.

Desk of Contents:

  • Getting Began: Introductory Ideas and Definitions.
  • Vitality and the First Regulation of Thermodynamics.
  • Evaluating Properties.
  • Management Quantity Evaluation Utilizing Vitality.
  • The Second Regulation of Thermodynamics.
  • Utilizing Entropy.
  • Exergy Evaluation.
  • Vapor Energy Methods.
  • Fuel Energy Methods.
  • Refrigeration and Warmth Pump Methods.
  • Thermodynamic Relations.
  • Best Fuel Combination and Psychrometric Functions.
  • Reacting Mixtures and Combustion.
  • Chemical and Section Equilibrium.
  • Appendix Tables, Figures, and Charts.
  • Index to Tables in SI Items.
  • Index to Tables in English Items.
  • Index to Figures and Charts.




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