High Performance Responsive Design

High Performance Responsive Design
AuthorTom Barker
File size14 Mb
File formatPDF
CategoryWeb Development

High Performance Responsive Design Book Description:

Yes, you can use responsive web design to create high
performance, compelling websites. With this practical book,
author Tom Barker demonstrates that responsive design is not
just a frontend-only approach, but also a philosophy for taking
advantage of the entire web stack. Responsive design patterns
and anti-patterns, derived from heavily used real-world sites,
are guiding principles throughout the book.

  • Get a primer on web performance concepts, web runtime
    performance, and performance tracking tools
  • Write functionality with Node.js that serves up a
    device-specific experience to the client
  • Explore client-side solutions, such as lazy loading entire
    sections of a page—including images, styling, and content
  • Validate service level agreements (SLAs) by writing
    automated tests with PhantomJS
  • Examine several responsive frameworks, including the
    author’s server-side framework, Ripple

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