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How To Code in Node.js eBook

How To Code in Node.js Overview

Node.js is a popular open-source runtime environment that allows JavaScript to be executed outside the browser. The Node runtime is often used for back-end web development, where it is utilized to construct networking applications and web servers by using its asynchronous features. Node.js is also a popular framework for creating command-line utilities.

In this book, you will go through exercises to understand the fundamentals of Node.js coding, earning skills that apply to both back-end and full-stack development.
By the conclusion of this book, you will be able to develop programs that use Node’s asynchronous code execution features, replete with event emitters and listeners that react to user inputs. You will learn how to debug Node apps using the built-in debugging facilities and the DevTools utilities in the Chrome browser. You will also learn how to make automated tests for your applications to ensure that any new or changed features work as expected.


Book Title – How To Code in Node.js

Book Author – David Landup and Marcus Sanatan

Book Publisher – Digital Ocean

Book Pages – 418 pages

Book Format – PDF

Book Language – English


How To Code in Node.js PDF


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