Book Name: I love you Good Night
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I love you Good Night by Jon Buller

I love you Good Night by Jon Buller pdf

Book Description: 

As a child gets ready for bed, this sweet book evokes all the ways parents can say, “I love you.”

I love you like frogs love flies! I love you like pigs love pies!

Some ways are silly, some are heartfelt, but all of the ways to say “I love you” describe unconditional affection. This enduring bedtime favorite is now available in a sturdy board edition—the perfect way to say good night.

About the Author

Jon Buller works in a team with his wife, Susan Schade. They have worked together on many previous books for children. Jon does the illustrating, and Susan writes the stories. For the Fog Mound trilogy, Jon returned to what first sparked his interest in drawing—comics. They live in Lyme, Connecticut.


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Author(s): Jon Buller; Susan Schade

Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks; Simon & Schuster, Year: 1988


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