Introduction to Software Development 

Introduction to Software Development

Describe the book 

This book outlines cutting-edge methods for incorporating fault tolerance into software development. They address a broad range of subjects with a focus on fault tolerance throughout the various stages of software development, software engineering approaches for verifying and validating fault tolerance measures, and languages for supporting fault tolerance design and implementation. The book is divided into the following three sections as a result. Part A is about fault tolerance engineering, from requirements to code; Part B is about fault tolerant system verification and validation, and Part C is about fault tolerant system engineering languages and tools.

This book is intended for IT professionals and developers just getting started in the world of free software development. Free software is created using specialized tools and cooperation techniques that involve and empower global communities. Professionals must be able to work with different programming languages and methods, as well as develop skills for working in a group.

C, C++, or Java are the programming languages employed in this work.


Introduction to Software development PDF

Author(s): J. Pérez López and L. Ribas i Xirgo

Publisher: Free Technology Academy, Year: 2010


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