Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous 

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Everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t, about basic software development tools
Three of the main tools needed for modern software development are the Unix command line, a text editor, and version control with Git. But you don’t have to learn “everything” about them, just how to use them effectively to solve real-world problems. Learn enough developer tools to be dangerous, renowned instructor Michael Hartl teaches the specific concepts, skills, and approaches you to need to learn how to write apps, get hired, collaborate, and maybe even start your own business. Even if you’ve never used (or even heard of) these tools before, Hartl will help you quickly develop the technical sophistication and master the knowledge you need to succeed. . Targeted drills help you pinpoint what’s important without wasting time on details that experts don’t care about. Soon it will be as if you were born knowing these things – and you will suddenly become very dangerous.

Learn enough about. . .

Run a terminal, enter and edit commands, and use man pages
File manipulation and inspection: From basic copy to pattern finding
Organize files with folders
Learn Vim Minimally Viable
Basic and advanced editing techniques with editors like Atom and VS Code
Use the human-readable Markdown language to write documents fast
Format the source code and write executable scripts
Getting Started with Git and GitHub
Use the main Git workflows: commit, push, branch, merge, etc.
Collaborate on Git projects and resolve code conflicts
Setting up the development environment: macOS, Linux, Windows, and the cloud
Michael Hartl’s Full Lesson Series includes books and video lessons that focus on the most important parts of each topic, so you don’t have to. learning begins – you just need to learn enough levels of danger and solve technical problems on your own.

Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous: Command Line, Text Editor, and Git Version Control Essentials

Author(s): Michael Hartl

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional, Year: 2022

ISBN: 9780137843404

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