Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 by James Wedding and Dana Probert | PDF Free Download.

This is a comprehensive textbook that explains the concepts and principles of AutoCAD Civil 3D through real-world the chapters in this text book cover the basic as well as the advanced concepts of AutoCAD Civil 3D such as surfaces, alignments, corridor modelling, parcels, grading, earthwork calculations, pipe network pressure network creation and data shortcuts to name a few. This approach enables the readers to apply the tools of Civil 3D in a simple and effective manner.

Contents of Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009
Chapter 1. Getting Dirty: The Basics of Civil 3D
Chapter 2. Took Long Enough: Lines and Curves
Chapter 3. Lay of the Land: Survey
Chapter 4. X Marks the Spot: Points
Chapter 5. The Ground Up: Surfaces in Civil 3D
Chapter 6. Don’t Fence Me In: Parcels
Chapter 7. Laying a Path: Alignments
Chapter 8. Cut to the Chase: Profiles
Chapter 9. Slice and Dice: Profile Views in Civil 3D
Chapter 10. Templates Plus: Assemblies and Subassemblies
Chapter 11. Easy Does It: Basic Corridors
Chapter 12. The Road Ahead: Advanced Corridors
Chapter 13. Stacking Up: Cross Sections
Chapter 14. The Tool Chest: Parts Lists and Part Builder
Chapter 15. Running Downhill: Pipe Networks
Chapter 16. Working the Land: Grading
Chapter 17. Sharing the Model: Data Shortcuts
Chapter 18. Behind the Scenes: Autodesk Data Management Server
Chapter 19. Teamwork: Vault Client and Civil 3D
Chapter 20. Out the Door: Plan Production
Chapter 21. Playing Nice with Others: LDT and LandXML
Chapter 22. Get The Picture: Visualization

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