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Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer

Mathematics education: a critical introduction PDF

Author(s): Wolfmeyer, Mark

Series: Critical Introductions in Education

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-138-24327-9

Book Description:

Mathematics Education offers both undergraduates and starting-graduate students in education an introduction to the connections that exist between mathematics and a critical orientation to education. This primer shows how concepts like race, class, gender, and language have real effects in the mathematics classroom, and prepares current and future mathematics teachers with a more critical math education that increases accessibility for all students. By refocusing math learning towards the goals of democracy and social and environmental crises, the book also introduces readers to broader contemporary school policy and reform debates and struggles.

Mark Wolfmeyer shows future and current teachers how critical mathematics education can be put into practice with concrete strategies and examples in both formal and informal educational settings. With opportunities for readers to engage in deeper discussion through suggested activities, Mathematics Education’s pedagogical features include:

  • Study Questions for Teachers and Students
  • Text Boxes with Examples of Critical Education in Practice
  • Annotated List of Further Readings
  • Glossary
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Language English
Pages 125
Format PDF
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PREFACE to Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer:
This Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book presents my try to deliver collectively probably the most crucial work in arithmetic schooling and make this accessible for future and present arithmetic lecturers.

I additionally hope that crucial educators extra typically will discover it useful in understanding arithmetic educating. What, you ask, do I imply by crucial? I begin my reply with two famed students of arithmetic schooling, Ole Skovsmose and Brian Greer (2012), who first argue that to be crucial is to problem.

That is the traditional use of the time period; to be crucial is to ask questions, to verify for hidden assumptions, to push and prod. However second, in etymological relations, in addition they remind us that to be crucial is to take care of disaster.

True to this dyad, then, the assemblage contained herein opens up arithmetic schooling for its contribution to the crises of our time, in addition to the alternatives current inside arithmetic schooling that may interrupt them.

Take the next as examples of modern-day crises: racial injustice, gender inequality, social class hierarchy, and environmental disaster.

As will probably be revealed within the contents of this Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book, to suppose critically about arithmetic educating is to look at the underlying sociopolitical orderings of relations between teams of individuals by means of a concentrate on energy, ethics, and historic and cultural understandings.

Superior work in crucial social concept means that such a framework illuminates the aforementioned crises of our time. Sadly, arithmetic schooling as it’s largely practiced reinforces these unjust circumstances and, apparently, does so with a veil of neutrality.

The propagation of arithmetic as an goal, value-free self-discipline will probably be our first line in critiquing arithmetic schooling as it’s usually conceived.

Rather than this, we are able to view arithmetic as a socially developed assortment of not-yet-disproven ideas, and such a view begins to open our eyes to the style through which a mathematical schooling can interrupt immediately’s crises.

After an introduction to the philosophy and anthropology of arithmetic, the second chapter introduces step one towards educating arithmetic critically, that of reform arithmetic schooling.

This orientation will stay current all through the Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book as we talk about such a pedagogy’s guarantees and limitations. Within the third, fourth, and fifth chapters, we take the social constructs of race, class, and gender, respectively, in flip.

Every of those three chapters strikes by means of the related crucial social concept earlier than partaking with developments in arithmetic schooling on the subject.

In all, there exists the twin goal of critiquing mainstream arithmetic schooling in addition to redefining it for crucial work. Relating to these efforts, I really feel compelled to supply some phrases of warning.

First, treating every matter (race, class, and gender) by itself presents a sure hazard, particularly that singular discussions specializing in one social id at a time would possibly trigger us to have a narrowed, incomplete image or maybe privilege one issue (say, social class) over one other.

For that reason, the concluding chapter makes vital the notion of intersectionality, an development in social concept through which the interrelated natures of race, social class, gender, and so forth are highlighted. One other limitation of the discussions right here is the imbalance in house dedicated to the differing crises.

I selected to jot down complete chapters dedicated to race, class, and gender principally as a result of these have been attended to considerably by crucial educators of arithmetic; sadly, rather more work is to be completed on incapacity research, language-minority college students, and sexuality and arithmetic schooling, for instance.

I do, nevertheless, contact on these matters in addition to the environmental disaster the place I discovered it related and hope that future efforts in crucial arithmetic will attend to those points.

I shut with my meant viewers for this Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book and an introduction to its options. Initially, I wrote it with future arithmetic lecturers in thoughts, and I plan to make use of it for undergraduate and early graduate college students.

In trainer schooling, I counsel that or not it’s used as a textual content in both a arithmetic pedagogy course or an academic foundations course.

The Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book’s type is conversational, and it accommodates options to help in accessibility, together with the glossary on the finish of theMathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book.

And on the conclusion of every chapter you will discover urged actions and prompts for dialogue.

In these efforts, I additionally count on that present arithmetic lecturers desperate to deeply look at their apply will discover the Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer e-book straightforward to make use of.

Lastly, to broaden the readership, I additionally made positive that mathematical discussions don’t require superior prior data of arithmetic.

This gives larger entry to critically educating arithmetic for different readers, equivalent to college students and students of instructional foundations, who would possibly come to the dialog with a crucial fairly than mathematical orientation.

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[PDF] Mathematics Education A Critical Introduction by Mark Wolfmeyer Table Of Contents

What is mathematics? From mathematicians to philosophers and anthropologists —
Initial examinations of mathematics education : purpose, problems, and method —
A white institutional space : race and mathematics education —
Social class hierarchies and mathematics education : to reproduce or interrupt? —
Rationalism, masculinity, and the “girl problem” in mathematics education —
Putting it all together : intersectionality, current mathematics education policy, and further avenues for exploration —
Glossary of terms.


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