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Mechanical Design of Electric Motors by Wei Tong

Electric motors are extensively utilized in industrial, business, and navy functions reminiscent of cars, elevators, digital gadgets, robots, home equipment, medical tools, energy-conversion techniques, machine instruments, plane carriers, and satellites. Together with the fast development in power demand everywhere in the world in recent times, it has turn out to be a problem for the motor business to design and manufacture high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-cost, and quiet electrical motors with superior efficiency.Kollmorgen Company, a subsidiary of Danaher Company, is the worldwide chief within the design, improvement, manufacture, and repair of modern and dependable merchandise within the movement management business. Because the chief engineer of Kollmorgen, I’ve lengthy been eagerly awaiting a contemporary guide on the mechanical design of electrical motors. Nonetheless, most accessible books on electrical motors out there focus totally on electromagnetic design moderately than mechanical design.

After a protracted unsuccessful search, at some point I used to be all of the sudden struck with a thought: Why not write this guide myself? This thought has impressed me to embark on the arduous process of compiling current developments and advances within the mechanical design of electrical motors into one guide. Regardless of important advances within the final a long time, the design, improvement, and implementation of trendy electrical motors nonetheless pose challenges for motor engineers and designers.

It’s because they contain all kinds of disciplines, reminiscent of mechanics, electromagnetics, electronics, fluid and strong dynamics, warmth switch, materials science, tribology, acoustics, management principle, manufacturing expertise, and engineering economics, to call a number of. In an effort to meet customer-specific necessities, right now’s motor producers should successfully present custom-made premium environment friendly services for accommodating a number of markets.

The final word aim of this guide is to supply readers an in-depth information base of designs, strategies, and developments of trendy electrical motors. The textual content is appropriate for engineers, designers, and producers within the motor business, in addition to upkeep personnel, graduate and undergraduate college students, and educational researchers. This guide has addressed intimately many elements of motor design and performing traits, together with motor classification, design of motor parts, materials alternatives, energy losses, cooling, design integration, vibration, and acoustic noise. It additionally covers motor modeling, simulation, and engineering evaluation.

To mirror state-of-the-art electrical motors, modern and superior motors developed in current a long time are reviewed within the guide. The guide consists of a complete of 12 chapters that cowl electrical motor fundamentals, sensible design, engineering evaluation, mannequin setup, materials and bearing choice, manufacturing processes, testing strategies, and different design points/sensible issues of electrical motors. Chapter 1 presents the overview of the essential information and basic ideas of electrical motors.

Book Description:

Rapid increases in energy consumption and emphasis on environmental protection have posed challenges for the motor industry, as has the design and manufacture of highly efficient, reliable, cost-effective, energy-saving, quiet, precisely controlled, and long-lasting electric motors.
Suitable for motor designers, engineers, and manufacturers, as well as maintenance personnel, undergraduate and graduate students, and academic researchers, Mechanical Design of Electric Motors provides in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art design methods and developments of electric motors. From motor classification, design of motor components, model setup, and material and bearing selections to power losses, motor cooling, design integration, vibration, and acoustic noise, this comprehensive text covers the fundamentals, practical design and design-related issues, modeling and simulation, engineering analysis, manufacturing processes, testing procedures, and performance characteristics of electric motors today.
Focusing on the mechanical design of modern electric motors, the book:
– Details the design and manufacture of major components and subsystems, such as rotors, shafts, stators, and frames
– Reviews various cooling techniques, including forced air, liquid, and phase-change
– Discusses the analysis and calculation of motor power losses
– Addresses motor vibration and acoustic noise issues
– Presents engineering analysis methods and case study results
– Emphasizes construction, optimization, and applications
Featuring research results from the author’s own personal experience and the significant contributions of others, Mechanical Design of Electric Motors highlights innovative and advanced electric motors developed in recent decades.

Mechanical Design of Electric Motors PDF

Author(s): Wei Tong

Publisher: CRC Press

Year: 2014

ISBN: 1420091433

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