Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming

Author(s)  : Jack HU, Zdzislaw Marciniak, John DuncanWriter   : ButterWorth Heimann Publication
Version      : 2002ed
Pages         : 233
Dimension   : 3.6Mb

The fundamental principle of Mechanics of sheet steel forming within the automotive, equipment and plane industries is included on this e-book. This e-book fills a niche between the descriptive therapies in most manufacturing books and the superior numerical strategies utilized in CAD programs.

Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming by Jack HU, Zdzislaw Marciniak, John Duncan eBook could also be used by lecturers in undergraduate programs in manufacturing; plentiful workouts and labored out examples give quantitative tutorial issues for engineering college students.

1. Materials properties
2. Sheet deformation processes
3. Deformation of sheet in airplane stress
4. Simplified stamping evaluation
5. Load instability and tearing
6. Bending of sheet
7. Simplified evaluation of round shells
8. Cylindrical deep drawing
9. Stretching round shells
10. Mixed bending and stress of sheet
11. Hydroforming
Appendix A1 Yielding in three-dimensional stress state
Appendix A2 Giant strains: another definition
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Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming PDF

Author(s): Jack Hu, Zdzislaw Marciniak, John Duncan

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, Year: 2002

ISBN: 9780750653008,0-7506-5300-0




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