Op Amp Applications Handbook by Walt Jung

Op Amp Applications Handbook by Walt Jung

Op Amp Applications Handbook by Walt Jung Book is very useful, this book content is easy to understood.  The signal-processing products of Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), along with those of its worthy competitors, have always had broad applications, but in a special way: they tend to be used in critical roles making possible—and at the same time limiting—the excellence in performance of the device, instrument, apparatus, or system using them. Think about the op amp—how it can play a salient role in amplifying an ultrasound wave from deep within a human body, or measure and help reduce the error of a feedback system.

These existing, anticipated and envisioned “needs” must perforce include far more than just the design, manufacture and timely delivery of a physical device that performs a function reliably to a set of specif cations at a competitive price. We’ve always called a product that satisfy es these needs “the augmented product,” but what does this mean? The physical product is a highly technological product that, above all, requires knowledge of its possibilities, limitations and subtleties.

This problem is met by deploying people and publications. The people are Applications Engineers, who can deal with user questions arriving via phone, fax, and e-mail—as well as working with users in the fi eld to solve particular problems. These experts also spread the word by giving seminars to small and large groups for purposes from inspiring the creative user to imbuing the system, design, and components engineer with the nuts-and-bolts of practice.

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