Polymer Solutions – An Introduction to Physical Properties by Iwao Teraoka

Title: Polymer Solutions – An Introduction to Physical Properties
Editor: Iwao Teraoka
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Wiley Publications
Length: 349 pages
Size: 3.11 MB
Language: English

Book Description:

Polymer Solutions: An Introduction to Physical Properties offers a fresh, inclusive approach to teaching the fundamentals of physical polymer science. Students, instructors, and professionals in polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, engineering, materials, and textiles will find Iwao Teraoka’s text at once accessible and highly detailed in its treatment of the properties of polymers in the solution phase.
Teraoka’s purpose in writing Polymer Solutions is twofold: to familiarize the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate student with basic concepts, theories, models, and experimental techniques for polymer solutions; and to provide a reference for researchers working in the area of polymer solutions as well as those in charge of chromatographic characterization of polymers. The author’s incorporation of recent advances in the instrumentation of size-exclusion chromatography, the method by which polymers are analyzed, renders the text particularly topical. Subjects discussed include:

Real, ideal, Gaussian, semirigid, and branched polymer chains
Polymer solutions and thermodynamics
Static light scattering of a polymer solution
Dynamic light scattering and diffusion of polymers
Dynamics of dilute and semidilute polymer solutions
Study questions at the end of each chapter not only provide students with the opportunity to test their understanding, but also introduce topics relevant to polymer solutions not included in the main text. With over 250 geometrical model diagrams, Polymer Solutions is a necessary reference for students and for scientists pursuing a broader understanding of polymers.


Polymer Solutions: An Introduction to Physical Properties

Author(s): Iwao Teraoka

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience, Year: 2002

ISBN: 0471389293




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