Practical Laboratory Automation | Made Easy with AutoIt by Matheus C. Carvalho : The test with the robotic arm made clear for me that AutoIt could be used to integrate any type of devices in the laboratory, enabling not only money saving, but also total freedom regarding the choice of equipment. As I came to realize, my colleagues were not aware of such possibilities.Therefore, I decided to share this idea with other professionals, and published two articles in scientific journals about Auto It used in the context of laboratory automation. However, scientific articles are short, not allowing for an in-depth coverage of AutoIt, and thus I decided that a book would be a better way to disseminate the idea among laboratory technicians and scientists.
Title: Practical Laboratory Automation
Editor: Matheus C. Carvalho
Edition: Illustrated
Publisher: Wiley – VCH
Length: 226 pages
Size: 12.5 MB
Language: English


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