Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering

Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering

Author(s)  : U.k. singh, Manish dwivedi
Writer   : New age internatonal
Version      : First
Pages        : 523
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Ebook Description:
Problems and Solutions to Mechanical Engineering by.U Ok Singh, Manish Dwivedi guide is in the type of Questions and Solutions, this guide is helpful for mechanical engineering college students. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a want of any textbook from the idea viewpoint. This guide offers you all of the ideas step by step in the type of Theoretical Questions and then numericals based mostly on concept. On the finish of each chapters there are tutorial sheets are given for follow. Lab manuals are additionally given on the finish of guide.

Desk of Contents:

  • Half A- Thermodynamics
  • Half B- Engineering Mechanics
  • Half C- Power of Supplies.

New Delhi: New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers, 2007. – 516 p. – ISBN 978-8-12242-100-2.
Mechanical Engineering being core subject of engineering and Technology, is taught to almost all branches of engineering, throughout the world. The subject covers various topics as evident from the course content, needs a compact and lucid book covering all the topics in one volume. Keeping this in view the authors have written this book.
Important Conversion/Formula
Part A Thermodynamics
Fundamental concepts, definitions and zeroth law
First law of thermodynamics
Second law
Introduction of I.C. engines
Properties of steam and thermodynamics cycle
Part B Engineering Mechanics
Force : Concurrent Force system
Force : Non Concurrent force system
Force : Support Reaction
Application of Friction: Belt Friction
Law of Motion
Part C Strength of Materials
Simple stress and strain
Compound stress and strains
Pure bending of beams
Appendix Tutorials Sheets
Lab Manual
Previous year question papers

Problems and Solutions to Mechanical Engineering PDF

Author(s): Singh U.K., Dwivedi M.




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