Quantity Surveying Practice by Duncan Cartlidge PDF

Book Title :

New Aspects of Quantity Surveying Practice

Author :

Duncan Cartlidge

Content :
  • The Catalyst of Change
  • Managing Value Part 1 : The supply chain
  • Managing value Part 2: Integrated Project Delivery
  • Procurement – Doing Deals
  • Procurement – Doing Deals Electronically
  • New Technology – Opportunity or Threat? Graham Castle
  • Global Markets – Making Ends Meets
  • Researching Value – Dr. Richard Laing

The Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors ‘ Quantity Surveying Think Tank : Questioning the Future of the Profession, heard evidence that many within the construction industry thought Chartered Quantity Surveyors were: Arrogant, friendless and uncooperative. In addition they were perceived to add nothing to the construction process, failed to offer services which clients expected as standard and too few had the courage to challenge established thinking.

In the same year, Sir John Egan called the whole future of Quantity Surveying into question in the construction industry task force report rethinking construction and if this weren’t enough, a report by the University of Coventry entitled surveyors are ‘arrogant and lacking in interpersonal skills’.

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