Book Name: Reliability and Safety of Cable-Supported Bridges
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Reliability and Safety of Cable-Supported Bridges pdf

Book Description: 

Bridge design and construction technologies have experienced remarkable developments in recent decades, and numerous long-span bridges have been built or are under construction worldwide. Cable-supported bridges, including cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges, are the main type of these long-span bridges and are widely used in highways crossing gorges, rivers, and gulfs, due to their superior structural, mechanical properties and beautiful appearance. However, cable-supported bridges suffer from harsh environmental effects and complex loading conditions, such as heavier traffic loads, strong winds, corrosion effects, and other natural disasters. Therefore, the lifetime safety evaluation of these long-span bridges considering the rigorous service environments, is an essential task.

Book Features:

    • Presents a comprehensive explanation of system reliability evaluation for all aspects of cable-supported bridges.
    • Includes a comprehensive presentation of the application of system reliability theory in bridge design, safety control, and operational management.
    • Addresses fatigue reliability, dynamic reliability and seismic reliability assessment of bridges.
    • Presents a complete investigation and case study in each chapter, allowing readers to understand the applicability for real-world scenarios.

Reliability and Safety of Cable-Supported Bridges provides a comprehensive application and guidelines for system reliability techniques in cable-supported bridges. Serving as a practical educational resource for both undergraduate and graduate level students, practicing engineers, and researchers, it also intends to provide an intuitive appreciation for probability theory, statistical methods, and reliability analysis methods.


Download Reliability and Safety of Cable-Supported Bridges PDF 

Author(s): Naiwei Lu, Yang Liu, Mohammad Noori

Series: Resilience and Sustainability in Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering Systems

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2021

ISBN: 0367770261,9780367770266


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