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Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers by Ricky Smith and R. Keith Mobley

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Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers will give the engineer the “have to have” information. It will help instill knowledge on a daily basis, to do his or her job and to maintain and assure reliable equipment to help reduce costs. This book will be an easy reference for engineers and managers needing immediate solutions to everyday problems. Most civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers will face issues relating to maintenance and reliability, at some point in their jobs. This will become their “go to” book. Not an oversized handbook or a theoretical treatise, but a handy collection of graphs, charts, calculations, tables, curves, and explanations, basic “rules of thumb” that any engineer working with equipment will need for basic maintenance and reliability of that equipment. . Access to quick information which will help in day to day and long term engineering solutions in reliability and maintenance . Listing of short articles to help assist engineers in resolving problems they face . Written by two of the top experts in the country

Introduction:Start your journey with this introduction to reliability, making this e-book an important software for you to achieve success. We got here up with the concept of the e-book so somebody whose sole goal in life is reliability can go to a easy e-book to rapidly discover solutions to points dealing with his or her group. The reply my not be easy; nonetheless, the e-book gives path for anybody needing a solution to most reliability points. The primary advice is to observe these steps:

Step 1. Discover some schooling for your self:

● Attend a one- or two-week RCM coaching workshop. When you can, RCM coaching in your plant could be even higher, in order that half of the workshop could possibly be utilized to an asset in your plant.

● Attend a workshop on Maintenance Greatest Practices and Key Efficiency Indicators.

● Attend coaching in Six Sigma.

● This feels like quite a bit of coaching however it’s not. A real reliability engineer will need to have the instruments required to perform the job, and only a few universities provide real-world coaching and schooling.

Step 2. Educate administration at your website in what really is reliability and the way it impacts plant capability, asset availability, and utilization.

Step 3. Learn the article in Chapter 16 “Put a Plantwide Give attention to Practical Failures.”

Step 4. Take the upkeep/reliability evaluation within the e-book (Chapter 1) and determine the gaps. Be trustworthy along with your solutions.

Step 5. Rank the plant’s belongings primarily based on consequence and danger to the enterprise (see Chapter 5).

Step 6. Develop a enterprise case (see Chapter 1) and current it to govt management. This enterprise case ought to embody the price of change, return on funding, undertaking plan, and so forth. You need an govt engaged in your reliability initiative. This isn’t a journey with an finish. Reliability should turn into a means of life for the plant.

Step 7. Execute your plan. Make sure key efficiency indicators (see Chapter 6) are in place earlier than you start this journey with a purpose to measure and handle the undertaking and thus the outcomes.


Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers

Author(s): Smith, Ricky; Mobley, R. Keith

Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2005

ISBN: 978-1-60119-809-9

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[PDF] Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers by Ricky Smith Table Of Contents

Front Matter
• Introduction – The Recommended First Step to Rules of Thumb in Reliability Engineering
• Table of Contents
•Part I. The Basics of Maintenance and Reliability 1. Understanding Maintenance and Reliability
2. The Functional Maintenance Organization and its People
3. Preventive Maintenance Program
4. Predictive Maintenance Program
5. Reliability Processes
6. Key Performance Indicators
7. Total Productive Maintenance
•Part II. Equipment and Processes 8. Chain Drives
9. Hydraulics
10. Maintenance Welding
11. Bearings
12. Compressors
13. Gears and Gearboxes
14. Packing and Seals
15. Electric Motors
•Part III. Additional Readings on Maintenance and Reliability 16. Reliability Articles
17. MTBF User Guide: Measuring Mean Time between Failures
• Glossary



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