Security Concepts 

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About the book

This book has fun and exciting examples of computer, network, technical, physical, information, and cryptographic security. It’s not meant to be the first book, but a beginner could still learn something from it.
It has the most up-to-date and complete information on computer security that can be found in one book. The book details various computer and cybersecurity theories, applications, and best practices. It also gives the most up-to-date information on old and new technologies and advances.
The book has a set of hands-on activities for each security principle that help explain the code. Instead of just reading about the guide, readers can “touch,” “play with,” and “experiment” with it.

Security Concepts

You should be familiar with several security concepts as an enterprise cybersecurity professional. The first is a fundamental concept called the “attack surface,” which refers to all the places an attacker can potentially exploit to gain access to your network, systems, and data.

Another primary concept is “threat modeling,” which is a process by which you evaluate each threat and determine how to mitigate it. This involves identifying what assets are at risk, what threats exist against those assets, and how best to protect them from those threats.

Another primary concept is “failure analysis,” or understanding what went wrong when something did go wrong. This includes identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and implementing solutions for those vulnerabilities. You should also perform regular audits of your plans, both internally and externally, so that you can find any weaknesses before they become actual problems for you.



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