Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems 

Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems pdf

Book Description

Every day, more users access services and electronically transmit 

the information is usually disseminated over insecure networks and processed by websites and databases, which lack proper security protection mechanisms and tools. This may have an impact on both the users’ trust as well as the reputation of the system’s stakeholders. Designing and implementing security-enhanced procedures is of vital importance.

Therefore, this book aims to present several innovative security-enhanced applications. It is titled “Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems” and includes 11 chapters. This book is a quality guide for teaching and young researchers since it presents leading innovative contributions to security-enhanced applications in various Information Systems. It involves cases based on the standalone, network, and Cloud environments.


Security Enhanced Applications for Information Systems PDF

Author(s): Kalloniatis C. (ed.)

Publisher: InTech, Year: 2012

ISBN: 978-953-51-0643-2


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