Analog And Digital Electronics GTU Book (3130907) Book Pdf Free Download

Analog And Digital Electronics By A.P.Godse and U.A.Bakshi

Analog And Digital Electronics GTU Book (3130907) is Gtu e book for Gujarat Technological College Digital Department College students in Engineering Second Yr by A.P.Godse and U.A.Bakshi.

1. Differential, multi-stage and operational amplifiers Differential amplifier; energy amplifier; direct coupled multi-stage amplifier; inner construction of an operational amplifier, splendid op-amp, non-idealities in an op-amp (Output offset voltage, enter bias present, enter offset present, slew charge, achieve bandwidth product) 2. Linear functions of op-amp Idealized evaluation of op-amp circuits. Inverting and non-inverting amplifier, differential amplifier, instrumentation amplifier, integrator, energetic filter, P, PI and PID controllers and lead/lag compensator utilizing an op-amp, voltage regulator, oscillators (Wein bridge and part shift). Analog to Digital Conversion. 3. Nonlinear functions of op-amp Hysteretic Comparator, Zero Crossing Detector, Sq.-wave and triangular-wave turbines. Precision rectifier, peak detector. 4. Combinational Digital Circuits Customary illustration for logic capabilities, Okay-map illustration, simplification of logic capabilities utilizing Okay-map, minimization of logical capabilities. Don’t care circumstances, Multiplexer, De-Multiplexer/Decoders, Adders, Subtractors, BCD arithmetic, carry look forward adder, serial adder, ALU, elementary ALU design, fashionable MSI chips, digital comparator, parity checker/generator, code converters, precedence encoders, decoders/drivers for show units, Q-M methodology of perform realization 5. Sequential Circuits and Programs A 1-bit reminiscence, the circuit properties of Bi-stable latch, the clocked SR flip flop, J- Okay-T and D varieties flip-flops, functions of flip-flops, shift registers, functions of shift registers, serial to parallel converter, parallel to serial converter, ring counter, sequence generator, ripple (Asynchronous) counters, synchronous counters, counters design utilizing flip flops, particular counter IC’s, asynchronous sequential counters, functions of counters. 6. A/D and D/A Converters Digital to analog converters: weighted resistor/converter, R-2R Ladder D/A converter.

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