Basic Electronics Book Pdf Free DownloadBasic Electronics By Ravish Aradhya H V

Basic Electronics is Gtu Reference book for All Branch Students in Engineering First Year by Ravish Aradhya H V.

  • Stress on the founding principles of electronics.
  • Application of fundamentals interspersed throughout the text.
  • Numerous block diagrams and circuit diagrams to enhance understanding.

Table Of Contents :

1. Semiconductor Physics and PN Junction

2. Diode Applications

3. Bipolar Junction Transistors

4. BJT Amplifiers, Feedback and Oscillators

5. Communication Systems

6. Linear Integrated Circuits

7. Digital Electronics

8. Measuring Instruments

9. Transducers

10. Field Effect Transistors and Other Devices

  • Question Bank
  • Additional Solved Examples
  • Quiz Questions (Short Answer Questions)
  • Appendix A: Some Important Tables
  • Appendix B: Some Important Inventions


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