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Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice Book Pdf Free Download

Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice By Sean Westcott and Jean Riescher Westcott

Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice is Gtu Reference book for B.tech All Branch Students in Engineering First Year by Sean Westcott and Jean Riescher Westcott.

This updated edition is an introduction appropriate for both the student and hobbyist to the theory and practice of electronics. It leads the reader through introductory understanding of the science underlying electronics, building basic circuits, learning the roles of the components, the application of digital theory and the possibilities for innovation by combining sensors, motors, and microcontrollers. Each chapter contains a brief lab to demonstrate the topic covered then moving on to the final projects that build a programmable robot with the Netduino or Arduino microcontroller and projects using Raspberry Pi. The companion disc has videos of the labs, soldering skills, and code samples for programming of the robot.


• Leads the reader through an introductory understanding of electronics with both simple labs and progressing to the construction of a microcontroller-driven robot using open source software and hardware and projects to run on Raspberry Pi
• Companion disc contains videos of labs, tutorials on soldering/ de-soldering, code for the microcontroller robot project, and figures from the text

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Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice PDF

Author(s): Sean Westcott; Jean Riescher Westcott

Publisher: Mercury Learning and InforMation, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781683925286,1683925289