Beginning Html5 Media 2nd Edition

Beginning Html5 Media 2nd Edition
AuthorSilvia Pfeiffer and Tom Green
File size12 MB
File formatPDF
CategoryWeb Development

Beginning Html5 Media 2nd Edition Book Description:

Beginning HTML5 Media, Second Edition is a
comprehensive introduction to HTML5 video and audio. The HTML5
video standard enables browsers to support audio and video
elements natively. This makes it very easy for web developers
to publish audio and video, integrating both within the general
presentation of web pages. For example, media elements can be
styled using CSS (style sheets), viewed on a mobile device, and
manipulated in a Canvas or an audio filter graph. The book
offers techniques for providing accessibility to media
elements, enabling consistent handling of alternative
representations of media resources. The update includes all of
the changes and revisions since the first HTML5 draft.