Bridge Engineering Handbook Fundamentals PDF

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Bridge Engineering Handbook Fundamentals Book By Wai-Fah Chen and Lian Duan

Book Description:

Published in five books: Fundamentals, Superstructure Design, Substructure Design, Seismic Design, and Construction and Maintenance, this new edition provides numerous worked-out examples that give readers step-by-step design procedures, includes contributions by leading experts from around the world in their respective areas of bridge engineering, contains 26 completely new chapters, and updates most other chapters. It offers design concepts, specifications, and practice, as well as the various types of bridges. The text includes over 2,500 tables, charts, illustrations and photos. The book covers new, innovative, and traditional methods and practices, explores rehabilitation, retrofit, and maintenance, and examines seismic design, and building materials.
The first book, Fundamentals contains 22 chapters, and covers aesthetics, planning, design specifications, structural modeling, fatigue and fracture.

What’s New in the Second Edition:

– Covers the basic concepts, theory and special topics of bridge engineering
– Includes seven new chapters: Finite Element Method, High Speed Railway Bridges, Concrete Design, Steel Design, Structural Performance Indicators for Bridges, High Performance Steel, and Design and Damage Evaluation Methods for Reinforced Concrete Beams under Impact Loading
– Provides substantial updates to existing chapters, including Conceptual Design, Bridge Aesthetics: Achieving Structural Art in Bridge Design, and Application of Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Bridges
This text is an ideal reference for practicing bridge engineers and consultants (design, construction, maintenance), and can also be used as a reference for students in bridge engineering courses.

Book Contents :

Conceptual Design

Aesthetics: Basics

Bridge Aesthetics: Achieving Structural Art in Bridge Design

Planning of Major Fixed Links

Highway Bridge Design Specifications

Highway Bridge Loads and Load Distribution

Railroad Bridge Design Specifications

High-Speed Railway Bridges

Structural Performance Indicators for Bridges

Structural Theory

Finite Element Method

Structural Modeling

Concrete Design

Bridge Engineering Handbook Fundamentals PDF