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Color Atlas of Physiology 5th Edition. – A. Despopoulos, S. Silbernagi Medical Biology

Title :           Color Atlas of Physiology

Editor :        Agamemnon Despopoulos, Stefan Silbernagi

Edition :        3rd ,Composite, Revised, Expanded

Length :         499 pages

Size :             31 MB


Book Description:

The fifth English edition has been completely revised when it comes to content material and group of the didactic materials; virtually the entire colour illustrations have been drawn anew for improved readability. The intensive introductory chapter focuses on points of cytophysiology. Owing to the significantly expanded textual content and improved illustrative materials, practical connections are simply acknowledged; new ideas and present advances in analysis are taken absolutely into consideration.

Primary features are:

Basic and cellular physiology; Nerve and muscle; Autonomic nervous system; Blood; respiration; Acid-base stability; Kidney salt and water stability; Coronary heart and circulation; Thermal stability and thermoregulation; Vitamin and digestion; Hormonal management; Central nervous system and senses


Color Atlas of Physiology

Author(s): Silbernagl S., Despopoulos A.

Series: Basic Sciences

Publisher: Thieme Medical Pub., Year: 2008

ISBN: 3135450066