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Motivated to Succeed book pdf free downloadMotivated to Succeed By John C. Maxwell

Motivated to Succeed Book by John C. Maxwell. Who cares about a person’s attitude? As long as someone can do the job, you shouldn’t worry too much about it, right? If John Maxwell believed that, you wouldn’t have Attitude 101 in your hands right now. As America’s leadership expert, Dr. Maxwell has devoted his life to helping people become more successful.

So this book, a companion to Leadership 101, Relationships 101 (available January 2004), and Equipping 101 (available January 2004), is the short course on attitude. Dr. Maxwell recognizes that as an individual, your attitude has a profound impact on your life. As a leader, you cannot ignore the attitudes of the people you lead and expect to achieve success—whether you’re leading a business, a family, a sports team, or a group of volunteers. A person’s attitude impacts their relationships, colors their view of failure, and defines their approach to success. Attitude can make or break you.

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