Electrical Power Cable Engineering

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Electrical Power Cable Engineering Book By Leonard L. Grigsby

Book Content :
Historical Perspective of Electrical Cables
Basic Dielectric Theory of Cable
Cable Characteristics: Electrical
Insulating Materials for Cables
Electrical Properties of Insulating Materials
Shielding of Power Cables
Sheaths, Jackets, and Armors
Standards and Specifications
Cable Manufacturing
Cable Installation
Splicing, Terminating, and Accessories

Electrical Power Cable Engineering (Power Engineering) (Power Engineering (Willis)) PDF

Author(s): Leonard L. Grigsby

Series: Electrical Engineering Handbook

Publisher: CRC Press, Marcel Dekker, Year: 1998

ISBN: 9780849385780,0849385784

Provides up-to-date coverage of the design, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, and performance expectations of electric power cables used worldwide—focusing on low- and medium-voltage cables. Discusses basic dielectric theory; conductors; cable characteristics; electrical properties of insulating materials; shielding power cables; sheaths, jackets, and armors; standards and specifications; splicing and terminating; ampacity; treeing; lightning protection; corrosion; and more. Contains a glossary of terms and essential tables and data.

Electrical Power Cable Engineering PDF