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Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design by Noel M. Morris

Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design by Noel M. Morris | PDF Free Download.

Contents of Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF

Parts and Legal guidelines 

  • Introduction 
  • Electrical present 
  • Voltage, e m f and p d 
  • Energy in d c circuits 
  • Linear passive circuit parts 
  • Resistance, conductance and Ohm’s legislation 
  • Energy in a resistive circuit 
  • Power consumed in a resistive circuit 
  • Unbiased and dependent provide sources 
  • The operational amplifier 
  • Kirchhoff’s legal guidelines 
  • The double-suffix voltage notation 
  • Sensible (non-ideal) sources 
  • Transformation of sensible sources 
  • Resistance of aseries circuit 
  • Voltage division in series-connected resistors 
  • Resistance and conductance of a parallel circuit 
  • Present division in a parallel circuit 
  • Unworked issues

Circuit Analysis 

  • Introduction 
  • Definitions and terminology 
  • Mesh evaluation
  • Normal mIes for writing mesh equations 
  • Resolution of three simultaneous equations 
  • Labored examples utilizing mesh evaluation 
  • Nodal evaluation 
  • Normal mIes for writing nodal equations 
  • Labored examples utilizing nodal evaluation 
  • Community topology 
  • Loop evaluation 
  • Duality 
  • nworked issues

Circuit Theorems 

  • Introduction 
  • Linearity 
  • Precept of superposition 
  • Thevenin’s theorem 
  • Norton’s theorem 
  • Relationship between Thevenin’s and Norton’s circuits 
  • Reciprocity theorem 
  • The utmost energy switch theorem 
  • The parallel-generator (Millman’s) theorem 
  • Rosen’s theorem or the overall star-mesh transformation 
  • The star-delta, tee-wye or tee-pi transformation 
  • The delta-star, wye-tee or pi-tee transformation 
  • Abstract of star-delta and delta-star transformations 
  • Unworked issues

Power Storage Parts 

  • Introduction 
  • Capacitors 
  • Power saved in a capacitor 
  • Capacitors in parallel 
  • Capacitors in sequence 
  • Potential division in series-connected capacitors 
  • Inductance 
  • Power saved in an inductor 
  • Inductors in se ries 
  • Inductors in parallel 
  • Duality between inductors and capacitors 
  • Relationship between inductance, reluctance and the variety of activates a coil 
  • Mutual inductance 
  • Route of the mutually induced e m f – the dot notation 
  • Coefficient of coupling 
  • Mutually coupled coils in se ries and in parallel 
  • Unworked issues

The Sinewave, Phasors and Energy 

  • Introduction 
  • Imply or common worth of an alternating amount 
  • The efficient worth or r m s worth of a periodic wave 
  • Section angle 
  • Phasors and phasor diagrams 
  • Illustration of a sinusoidal amount as a posh worth 
  • Impedance of parts 
  • Resistance 
  • Pure inductance 
  • Pure capacitance 
  • CIVIL – an a c mnemonic 
  • The susceptance of parts 
  • The admittance of parts 
  • The impedance of parts in se ries 
  • The admittance and impedance of parts in parallel 
  • Impedance and admittance of series-parallel circuits 
  • Energy and energy issue 
  • Energy, VA and V Ar absorbed by perfect parts 
  • v-i waveforms 
  • Energy consumed in an a c circuit 
  • Complicated energy 
  • Unworked issues

Sinusoidal Regular-state Analysis 

  • Introduction 
  • Nodal, mesh and loop evaluation 
  • Precept of superposition 
  • Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem 
  • Millman’s theorem 
  • Rosen’s, star-delta and delta-star theorems 
  • Most energy switch theorem 
  • a c circuits with dependent sources
  • Unworked issues

Polyphase Circuits 

  • Introduction 
  • Three-phase era 
  • Star-connection or Y -connection 
  • Section sequence 
  • Balanced and unbalanced methods 
  • Section and line voltages in a star-connected system 
  • Delta-connected or mesh-connected three-phase supply 
  • Three-phase, 4~wire, star-star system 
  • Balanced provide, balanced load 
  • Three-phase, four-wire, star-connected system with an unbalanced load 
  • Three-phase, three-wire, star-star system 
  • Delta-connected methods 
  • Balanced delta-connected load with a balanced provide 
  • Unbalanced delta-connected load with a balanced provide 
  • Unbalanced delta-connected load with an unbalanced provide 
  • Delta-connected provide and a star-connected load 
  • Star-connected provide and delta-connected load 
  • Abstract of balanced star- and delta-connected masses 
  • Energy consumed in a three-phase system 
  • Energy measurement in a three-phase system 
  • The 2-wattmeter methodology of energy measurement 
  • Introduction to symmetrical elements 
  • Analysis of unbalanced circumstances 
  • Energy consumed by symmetrical elements 
  • Unworked issues

Two-port Networks 

  • Introduction 
  • Enter impedance, output impedance, voltage achieve, present achieve and energy achieve 
  • Admittance parameters or y-parameters 
  • Impedance parameters or z-parameters 
  • Hybrid parameters or h-parameters 
  • Transmission parameters 
  • Relationship between the y-, Z-, h- and t-parameters 
  • Interconnection between two-port networks 
  • Unworked issues

The Transformer 

  • Introduction 
  • The perfect transformer 
  • Phasor diagram for an excellent transformer on no-load 
  • Leakage flux in a transformer 
  • Impedance matching with an excellent transformer 
  • The perfect transformer as a two-port community 
  • Thevenin’s equal circuit of an excellent transformer and voltage regulation 
  • The linear transformer 
  • T- and n-equivalent circuit of a linear transformer 
  • Unworked issues

Transient Resolution of Electrical Circuits 

  • Introduction 
  • Classical answer of first-order methods 
  • The time fixed i of a circuit 
  • Circuits reducible to first-order format 
  • Classical answer of second-order methods 
  • The Laplace rework 
  • Step, impulse and ramp capabilities 
  • Laplace transforms of some helpful capabilities 
  • Properties of the Laplace rework 
  • Illustration of circuit parts within the s area 
  • Introduction to evaluation of first-order methods utilizing the Laplace rework 
  • Sinusoidal excitation of first-order methods 
  • Resolution of second-order circuits utilizing Laplace transforms 
  • s-Area switch capabilities 
  • Transients in magnetically coupled circuits 
  • Unworked issues

Complicated Frequency, the s-Aircraft and Bode Diagrams 

  • Introduction 
  • The exponential type of a posh quantity 
  • Complicated frequency 
  • The s-plane 
  • Transformation of impedance into the s-domain 
  • Frequency response as a operate
  • Switch capabilities 
  • Bode diagrams


  • Introduction 
  • The resonant situation 
  • Collection resonance 
  • Resonant frequency and frequency response 
  • The standard issue, Q s, of the sequence circuit 
  • The height voltage throughout R, Land C 
  • Bandwidth and selectivity of aseries RLC circuit 
  • Parallel resonance 
  • Resonant frequency and frequency response of an excellent parallel circuit 
  • The standard issue, Q p’ of an excellent parallel circuit 
  • Bandwidth and selectivity of a parallel circuit 
  • Resonance in a sensible parallel circuit 
  • Scaling electrical circuits 
  • Impedance or magnitude scaling 
  • Frequency scaling 
  • Mixed scaling 
  • Common resonant circuits 
  • Passive and lively filters 
  • Passive band-pass filter 
  • Passive band-stop filter 
  • Energetic RC filters 
  • Selective resonance 
  • Tuned coupled circuits 
  • Unworked issues

Harmonics and Fourier Analysis 

  • Introduction 
  • Harmonics 
  • Trigonometric Fourier sequence 
  • Waveform symmetry 
  • Line spectra 
  • Circuit response to a non-sinusoidal forcing operate 
  • r m s worth of a posh wave and the ability equipped 
  • Impact of harmonics in a c methods 
  • Harmonic evaluation 
  • Unworked issues

Pc Resolution of Electrical Circuits 

  • Introduction 
  • Circuit description 
  • Aspect description 
  • Programming examples

Complicated Numbers, Matrices, Determinants and Partial Fractions 

  • Imaginary numbers 
  • Complicated numbers 
  • Illustration of advanced numbers 
  • Conjugate of a posh quantity 
  • Sum and distinction of advanced numbers 
  • Multiplication of advanced numbers 
  • Division of advanced numbers 
  • Powers and roots of advanced numbers 
  • Matrix illustration 
  • Matrix addition and subtraction 
  • Matrix multiplication 
  • The determinant of a sq. matrix 
  • Minors and cofactors 
  • Evaluating a determinant 
  • The rule of Sarrus 
  • Cramer’s rule 
  • Matrices and determinants containing advanced numbers 
  • Partial fractions

Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF

Author(s): Noel M. Morris (auth.)

Series: Macmillan New Electronics Series

Publisher: Macmillan Education UK,

Year: 1993

ISBN: 978-0-333-55483-8

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