Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations 

Third Edition
by Tyler G. Hickss, PE 

Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations

Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Third Edition, features more than 3000 logically organized calculations that align with the latest practices, codes, and standards. You will get start-to-finish calculation procedures for load resistance factor design (LRFD), anti-terrorism components, enhanced building security, green construction, safe bridge design, and environmentally sound water treatment. All-new steps to improve indoor air quality and protect structures from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and waves are also discussed in this on-the-job resource.

This fully updated Third Edition covers:

• Structural Steel Engineering and Design

• Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Engineering and Design

• Timber Engineering

• Soil Mechanics

• Surveying, Route Design, and Highway Bridges

• Fluid Mechanics, Pumps, Piping, and Hydro Power

• Water-Supply and Storm-Water System Design

• Sanitary Wastewater Treatment and Control

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