Hardboiled Web Design

56e6be9652e71.jpeg Author Andy Clarke
Isbn 9781907828003
File size 57 Mb
Year 2010
Pages 420
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Hardboiled Web Design Book Description:

If you’ve been working on the web for a while, your bookshelves
may already be buckling under the weight of books about HTML
and CSS. Do you really need another one?

Hardboiled Web Design is different. It’s for people who want to
understand why, when and how to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3
technologies in their everyday work. Not tomorrow or next week,
but today. It won’t teach you the basics of writing markup or
CSS, but if you’re hungry to learn about how the latest
technologies and techniques will make your websites and
applications more creative, flexible and adaptable, then this
is the book for you.