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History of Modern Biotechnology I – Springer

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TITLE: History of Modern Biotechnology I

AUTHOR: Fiechter, A. (Ed.)

ISBN: 3-540-67793-3



The Natural Functions of Secondary Metabolites

A.L. Demain, A. Fang 1

Development of Applied Microbiology to Modern Biotechnology in Japan

T. Beppu 41

Microbial Production of Amino Acids in Japan

H. Kumagai 71

Development of Biotechnology in India

T.K. Ghose,V.S. Bisaria 87

History of Biotechnology in Austria

M. R oehr 125

Biotechnology in Hungary

J. Holló, U.P. Kralovánszky 151

Biotechnology in Switzerland and a Glance at Germany

A. Fiechter 175

Author Index Volumes 51­69 209

Subject Index 217



History of Modern Biotechnology I

Author(s): A. Fiechter, A. Fiechter, T. Beppu, V.S. Bisaria, A.L. Demain, A. Fang, T.K. Ghose, J. Hollo, U.P. Kralovanszky, H. Kumagai, M. Roehr

Series: Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology v. 1

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2000

ISBN: 3540677933