Mechanics of Materials (McGraw Hill) Book Pdf Free DownloadMechanics of Materials (McGraw Hill) By Beer, Johnston, Dewolf, Mazurek and Sanghi

Mechanics of Materials (McGraw Hill) is book for mechanical engineering students by Beer, Johnston, Dewolf, Mazurek and Sanghi, published in 2020.

A strong conceptual understanding is essential for solving problems successfully. This edition of mechanics of materials helps instructors and students achieve this goal by providing strong understanding and logical analysis of the concepts using SI units, which also helps identify the applications in designing actual engineering structures and machine components. With new concepts presented in a simplified and detailed manner, a number of advanced or specialty sections are included. To keep these distinct and optional, these are marked with asterisk so users can choose whether or not to read. Using numerous engineering examples and end-of-chapter homework problems, The book helps the readers to easily understand and relate to theory and application. 1. Extensive use of free-body diagrams 2. Sample problems explained with smart problem-solving methodology 3. Ample number of concept applications 4. More than 1500 homework problems including end of sections, review and Computer problems and online lab videos with data sets.

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