Best MCQ Book For GATE ECE

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MCQ Gate By R.K. Kanodia
Suitable for Electronics/Electrical engineering

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Here we are providing the best GATE reference books for ECE to prepare for GATE exam. Books are very helpful in clearing the concepts for GATE ECE. But you should take notes while preparing these ECE reference books for exam. You have to prepare the notes like whenever you revise them you have to understand the concepts clearly. So always you don’t need to go to books. You can refer your notes. Highlight the points in notes which you feel tricky and important for your dream exam. You can have this knowledge from previous gate papers analysis only. So please analyse the gate previous papers before starting gate preparation. Understand the basic concepts clearly because GATE exam tests only basic knowledge and understanding capabilities of the candidate. Here we are giving list of books for preparation of ECE GATE Exam. Have a look at them and follow them. Win is yours.