Op - Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits Book Pdf Free DownloadOp – Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits By Ramakant A. Gayakwad

Op – Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits  is electronics and communication engineering book by Ramakant A. Gayakwad.

Ops – Amps And Linear Integrated Circuits is recommended for students aspiring to learn the basic principles of integrated circuits and operational amplifiers. The book uses a practical approach in making the concepts clearer. The book is especially meant for professional design engineers, technicians and technologists. The book includes following contents: Introduction to Operational Amplifiers, Interpretation of Data Sheets and Characteristics of an Op-Amp, An Op-Amp with Negative Feedback, The Practical Op-Amp, General Linear Applications, Frequency Response of an Op-Amp, Active Filters and Oscillators, Specialised IC Applications, Comparators and Converters, and Selected IC System Projects. It also includes five appendices on Resistance Chart, Important Derivations, Capacitance Chart, and Data Sheets. Answers to Selected Problems are given in fifth appendix. The book gives students a smoother and more methodical flow of information and provides students with a firm grasp of principles in practice op-amp circuits. The book is useful for beginners and experienced engineers alike.

Ops – Amps And Linear Integrated Circuits is authored by Ramakant Gayakwad and is available in paperback format. The fourth edition of this book was published in 2002 by Prentice Hall.

Key Features:

  • The book is replete with large number of examples, questions, and problems with detailed solutions.
  • Practical circuit applications are included in this book.
  • Demonstrates the use of operational amplifiers with special purpose integrated circuits in practical settings that serve a number of useful purposes.

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