Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology book pdf free downloadOxford Handbook of Ophthalmology By Alastair Denniston, Philip Murray

The Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology is a valuable resource for anyone working with ophthalmic patients. It will be useful for both the trainee and the experienced consultant and is highly suitable for revision for postgraduate examinations. The core of the book comprises a systematic summary of ophthalmic disease, covering diagnosis, interim assessment, and ongoing management. Assessment boxes for common clinical conditions and algorithms for important clinical presentations illustrate this practical approach. The information is easily accessible, with areas of importance highlighted. There are key sections for the trainee including clinical skills, aids to diagnosis, and investigations and their interpretation.

Relevant background anatomy and physiology, as well as basic perioperative care and advanced life support protocols, are covered. In addition to the information for trainees, the authors have tried to include information which is not easily found elsewhere, such as vision in context (low vision, registration, and benefits, driving requirements), management of systemic disease (diabetes, thyroid disorders, systemic immunosuppression), a glossary of eponymous syndromes, and NICE and RCOphth guidelines. Providing a broad scope of information in a quick reference format, this handbook is an ideal source of information whether you are in theatre or on the wards. It provides rapid access to the critical information needed to manage patients with eye disease.

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