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Power Electronics Converters Applications and Design

Power Electronics Converters Applications and Design by Ned Mohan, Tore M Undeland, and William P Robbins | PDF Free Download.

Power Electronics Contents


  • Chapter 1 Power Digital Programs
  • Chapter 2 Overview of Power Semiconductor Switches 
  • Chapter 3 Overview of Fundamental Electrical and Magnetic Circuit Ideas
  • Chapter 4 Pc Simulation of Power Digital Converters and Programs


  • Chapter 5 Line-Frequency Diode Rectifiers
  • Chapter 6 Line-Frequency Part-Managed Rectifiers and Inverters
  • Chapter 7 dc-dc Swap-Mode Converters 
  • Chapter 8 Swap-Mode dc-ac Inverters
  • Chapter 9 Resonant Converters


  • Chapter 10 Switching dc Power Provides
  • Chapter 11 Power Conditioners and Uninterruptible Power


  • Chapter 12 Introduction to Motor Drives
  • Chapter 13 dc Motor Drives 
  • Chapter 14 Induction Motor Drives 
  • Chapter 15 Synchronous Motor Drives


  • Chapter 16 Residential and Industrial Applications
  • Chapter 17 Electrical Utility Applications
  • Chapter 18 Optimizing the Utility Interface with Power Digital Programs


  • Chapter 19 Fundamental Semiconductor Physics
  • Chapter 20 Power Diodes
  • Chapter 21 Bipolar Junction transistors 
  • Chapter 22 Power MOSFETs
  • Chapter 23 Thyristors
  • Chapter 24 Gate Flip-Off Thyristors
  • Chapter 25 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
  • Chapter 26 Rising Gadgets and Circuits


  • Chapter 27 Snubber Circuits
  • Chapter 28 Gate and Base Drive Circuits 
  • Chapter 29 Part Temperature Management and Warmth Sinks
  • Chapter 30 Design of Magnetic Elements

Preface to Power Electronics Converters Applications and Design


The primary version of this e book was revealed in 1989 and the second version in 1995.

The essential intent of this version, as within the two earlier editions, is to offer a cohesive presentation of energy electronics fundamentals for functions and design within the energy vary of 500 kW or much less the place an enormous market exists and the place the demand for energy digital engineers is prone to exist.

This e book has been adopted as a textbook at many universities world wide; it is because of this that the textual content on this e book has not been altered in any approach. Nonetheless, a CD-ROM has been added, which each the instructors and college students will discover very helpful.

This CD-ROM incorporates the next:

1. Numerous new issues with various levels of challenges have been added for homework assignments and self-learning.

2. PSpice-based simulation examples have been added for example primary ideas and assist in the design of converters. PSpice is a perfect simulation instrument in energy electronics schooling.

3. A newly developed magnetic element design program has been included. This program is extraordinarily helpful in exhibiting design trade-offs; for instance, the affect of switching frequency on the scale of inductors and transformers.

4. For all chapters on this e book, Powerpoint-based slides are included and could be printed. These needs to be useful to instructors in organizing their lectures and to college students in taking notes at school on printed copies and for a fast evaluate earlier than examinations.


This e book is split into seven components.

Half 1 presents an introduction to the sphere of energy electronics, an summary of energy semiconductor switches, a evaluate of pertinent electrical and magnetic circuit ideas, and a common dialogue of the function of pc simulations in energy electronics.

Half 2 discusses the generic converter topologies which are utilized in most functions. The precise semiconductor gadgets (transistors, diode, and so on) are assumed to be excellent, thus permitting us to give attention to the converter topologies and their functions.

Half 3 discusses the switch-mode dc and uninterruptible energy provides. Power provides characterize one of many main functions of energy electronics.

Half 4 considers motor drives, which represent one other main software space.

Half 5 consists of a number of industrial and business functions in a single chapter. One other chapter describes varied high-power electrical utility functions.

The final chapter on this a part of the e book examines the harmonics and EMI issues and cures for interfacing energy digital techniques with electrical utilities.

Half 6 discusses the ability semiconductor gadgets utilized in energy digital converters, together with diodes, BJTs, MOSFETs, thyristors, GTOs, IGBTs, and MCTs.

Half 7 discusses the sensible features of energy digital converter design, together with snubber circuits, drive circuits, circuit format, and warmth sinks.

An in depth new chapter on the design of high-frequency inductors and transformers has been added.


We want to thank all of the instructors who’ve allowed us this chance to write down the third version of our e book by adopting its first and second editions.

We categorical our honest appreciation to the Wiley Government Editor Invoice Zobrist for his persistence in retaining us on schedule

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