PCR Protocols By John M. S. Bartlett

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About this book
Drawing on the proven qualities of the much praised and widely used first edition, John M. S. Bartlett and David Stirling have thoroughly updated and dramatically expanded the number of protocols to take advantage of the newest technologies used in all branches of research and clinical medicine today. These successful methods include real-time PCR, SNP analysis, nested PCR, direct PCR, and long-range PCR. Among the highlights are chapters on genome profiling by SAGE, differential display and chip technologies, the amplification of whole genome DNA by random degenerate oligonucleotide PCR, and the refinement of PCR methods for the analysis of fragmented DNA from fixed tissues. In situ PCR methods and their application in parallel with other methods, such as immunohistochemistry, are also included. Each fully tested protocol is described in step-by-step detail by an established expert in the field and includes a background introduction outlining the principle behind the technique, equipment and reagent lists, tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls, and, where needed, a discussion of the interpretation and use of results.
Cutting-edge and highly practical, PCR Protocols, Second Edition provides both novice and experienced investigators with an up-to-date compendium of powerful PCR methods for easy reference and consultation in the day-to-day performance of PCR-based experimentation, one that will enhance understanding of PCR, satisfy current needs, and point to powerful future applications.