Semantic Web And Model-driven Engineering

Author Fernando Silva Parreiras
Isbn 978-1118004173
File size 6.4 MB
Year 2012
Pages 264
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Semantic Web And Model-driven Engineering Book Description:

The next enterprise computing era will rely on the synergy between both technologies: semantic web and model-driven software development (MDSD). The semantic web organizes system knowledge in conceptual domains according to its meaning.

It addresses various enterprise computing needs by identifying, abstracting and rationalizing commonalities, and checking for inconsistencies across system specifications. On the other side, model-driven software development is closing the gap among business requirements, designs and executables by using domain-specific languages with custom-built syntax and semantics.

It focuses on using modeling languages as programming languages.

Applying the integration of semantic web and model-driven software development allows for

(1) explicitly specifying configurations of network devices
with tailor-made languages,

(2) for checking the consistency of these specifications

(3) for defining a vocabulary to share device specifications
across enterprise systems. By managing configurations with
consistent and explicit concepts, we reduce cost and risk, and
enhance agility in response to new requirements in the
telecommunication area.

This book examines the synergy between semantic web and
model-driven software development. It brings together advances
from disciplines like ontologies, description logics,
domain-specific modeling, model transformation and ontology
engineering to take enterprise computing to the next level.

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