What Are You Doing With Your Life? book pdf free downloadWhat Are You Doing With Your Life? By Jiddu Krishnamurti

The book ‘What Are You Doing With Your Life’ is a compilation of gratitude to the teachings of a Saint, a Scholar, and a true being. The book brings to light Krishnamurti’s findings on our basic questions in life like – ‘Love, Life, Death, Time…’ Helpful.

One of the world’s great philosophical teachers, Krishnamurti, offers his inspiring wisdom on many of life’s hurdles from relationships and love, to anxiety and loneliness.

He answers such questions as ‘What is the significance of life?’ and ‘How do I live life to the full?’ to reveal the best way of being true to yourself.

Read by millions from all walks of life, Krishnamurti shows us there is no path, no higher authority, no guru to follow, and that ultimately it is our own responsibility as to how we live our lives.

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