The Chemistry of Benzotriazole Derivatives – A Tribute to Alan Roy Katritzky :: Each chapter within this volume critically surveys the applications of benzotriazole derivatives in a variety of important synthetic applications ranging from heterocyclic chemistry to peptide constructs. The most significant developments and concepts in benzotriazole methodology are presented using selected examples. Each chapter is designed to provide the non-specialist reader with all the important concepts and methodology that led to the development of a general benzotriazole methodology. Beyond the concepts and important developments, these contributions also offer an outlook on potential future developments in benzotriazole chemistry. Chapter “Preparation, Reactivity, and Synthetic Utility of Simple Benzotriazole Derivatives” introduces the reader with the specific reactivity of benzotriazole and its simple derivatives. The preparation, synthetic properties and applications of a representative set of important and versatile benzotriazole derivatives are illustrated. Chapter “Acylbenzotriazoles: New Allies for Short Linear and Cyclic Peptide Constructs” gathers the most important advances in the preparation and use of acylbenzotriazole derivatives for the preparation of oligopeptide constructs. Chapter “Benzotriazole-Based Strategies Towards Peptidomimetics, Conjugates and Other Peptide Derivatives” extends the discussion on the versatility of acylbenzotriazole derivatives towards the preparation of peptidomimetics, conjugates and other peptide derivatives. Chapter “Benzotriazole-Mediated Synthesis of Oxygen Containing Heterocycles” discusses benzotriazole-mediated strategies towards oxygen-containing heterocycles, and Chapter “Benzotriazole-Mediated Synthesis of Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles” reviews benzotriazolemediated strategies towards nitrogen-containing heterocycles. Last but not least, Chapter “Benzotriazole: Much More Than Just Synthetic Heterocyclic Chemistry” regroups various applications of benzotriazole and its derivatives to medicinal chemistry and materials sciences.

The Chemistry of Benzotriazole Derivatives – A Tribute to Alan Roy Katritzky

Title: The Chemistry of Benzotriazole Derivatives – A Tribute to Alan Roy Katritzky
Editor: Jean-Christophe M. Monbaliu
Edition: Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry 43
Publisher: Springer Publications
Length: 298 pages
Size: 25.2 MB
Language: English


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