Book Name: The Christmas Spirit: A Novel
Author: Debbie MaComber
Category: A Special Books
Language: English
Format: PDF
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Book Description:


Two lifelong friends decide to trade places the week before Christmas and find love in this delightful novel from the queen of holiday stories, #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

Peter Armstrong and Hank Colfax are best friends, but their lives couldn’t be more different. Peter, the local pastor, is dedicated to his community, visiting the flock, attending meetings, and preparing for the Christmas service and live nativity with the holiday season approaching. As a bartender, Hank serves a much different customer base at his family-owned tavern, including a handful of lonely regulars and the local biker gang.

When Peter scoffs that Hank has it easy compared to him, the two decide to switch jobs until Christmas Eve. To their surprise, the responsibilities of a bartender and a pastor are similar, but taking on the other’s work is more complex than Peter or Hank expected. As the two begin to see each other in a new light—and each discovers a new love to cherish—their lives are forever changed.

In The Christmas Spirit, Debbie Macomber celebrates the true meaning of the holidays and the inclusive community spirit that binds us all.


Free The Christmas Spirit PDF

Publisher: Random House, Year: 2022

ISBN: 2022014664,9780593500101


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