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The Little Girls is a novel by Elizabeth Bowen that tells the story of two young sisters, Cordelia and Justine, who are forced to confront the harsh realities of life when their father dies and are left in the care of their cold and distant mother.

As the girls navigate their new reality, they also face the challenges of growing up and coming of age in a world that is often cruel and unforgiving. They must learn to rely on each other and find their own strength as they confront the challenges of their new life.

Throughout the novel, Bowen explores themes of family, loss, identity, and the complex relationships between parents and children. The Little Girls is a poignant and deeply moving exploration of the human experience and the enduring bond of sisterhood.

The Little Girls by Elizabeth Bowen pdf

Book Description:

In 1914 they had been eleven years old, three little girls at St Agatha’s, a day school on the South Coast. Fifty years later, Dinah, beautiful as ever, advertises in the national newspapers to find the other two – Clare, now established with a successful business, and Sheila, a married woman, glossy, chic, and correct. Can friendship be taken up where it was left off? What are the revelations – and the dangers – in summoning up childhood?


Download The Little Girls PDF 

Author(s): Elizabeth Bowen

Publisher: Reprint society, Year: 1964


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